Monday, May 28, 2007

BIO2008 San Diego or Bust!

Reflecting back upon my first BIO conference the experience bordered on overwhelming yet yielded a new understanding that this event is now to be filed under mandatory attendance for the coming years.

Overwhelming in the sense that there were simply not enough hours in the day to attend all of the seminars of interest, connect with all of the incredible people and spend time interacting with the thousands of exhibitors.

BIO2008 is queued up for San Diego; time management at the conference is a necessity and incorporating the myBIO planning software is a must, especially thanks to its user friendly interface. Be certain to block out 17-20 June 2008 in your calendar now.

I loved that BIO incorporated some web 2.0 tools like blogger and flickr and hope to see this trend continue next year. In particular it would be wonderful if each attendee had a public profile page posted ahead of the conference that would enable introduction & meeting requests. In short I envision an online social networking ecosystem along the lines of a MySpace environment yet with an architected interface that appropriately reflects specific aspects of the BIO industry. With a easily searchable social network relationships may be cultivated and developed throughout the year. myBIO could accomplish all of this with some slight modifications and additions.

Be certain to sign up for the BIO SmartBrief (here) for a daily briefing on top stories of the biotech industry.

Once again I would like to thank the organizers of BIO for the opportunity to participate in the inaugural BIOVoice blog and I hope the participation grows in the coming years. In addition, many many thanks to those entities that made my attendance possible:

Fitzsimons BioBusiness Incubator
Colorado Science + Technology Park @ Fitzsimons
Colorado Bioscience Association
University Colorado Technology Transfer Office

Finally, please follow my blogging throughout the year. You can locate me in the blogosphere at:


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See you in San Diego for BIO2008!

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